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How to Find Sanctuary in a Pandemic

Finding sanctuary in a pandemic

We are all finding our own way to cope with our new lock-down lives. At times the situation can feel overwhelming but there are many simple things we can do to relieve anxieties and improve our well-being.

Use your senses to experience nature

There is much comfort to be had in plants and wildlife at this difficult time. They carry on regardless, photosynthesising, pollinating and propagating, in their carefully balanced ecosystems, oblivious to the challenges we face. It is reassuring to know life goes on; a positive future. Seeds will sow, plants will grow and life will carry on.

Afternoon light shines through honesty seed heads

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And see how our lockdown gardens can inspire us and promote happiness and wellbeing. Make the most of your plot. Look, listen, smell, touch and taste.

Look up

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