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From Propagation to Pruning & Everything in Between...!
Flamingo Lily Houseplnt of the Month.jpg
Plantsmith Anthurium

Read all about Anthurium in my April houseplant of the month for Plantsmith. Get the low down on optimal lighting and temperature conditions, when to feed and water, how to propagate and deal with pests.

Rubber Plant.jpg
Plantsmith Rubber Plant

If you are looking for a tough, evergreen houseplant that is easy to look after then a rubber plant could be for you. A member of the fig family, Moraceae, and native to Southeast Asia these plants can escalate to an impressive height in the wild. 

Interview Horticulture Magazine interview.png
Interview with Horticulture Magazine

Thrilled to be interviewed by Horticulture magazine. This interview explores my route into gardening and shares some advice and tips for aspiring horticulturists. Read the feature highlights on the blog page and click the link to read the full interview.

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