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From Propagation to Pruning & Everything in Between...!
Keep houseplants safe from pets.jpeg
Plantsmith Houseplants Safe for Pets

Parent’s of pets have a responsibility to keep them safe. Many plants that we know and love are non-toxic and safe to grow around animals and children but some can in fact be toxic and we need to take precautions. Click to read what we can do to keep our beloved pets safe.

Tradescantia propagation.jpeg
Plantsmith Tradescantia zebrina

This easy to grow houseplant is ideal for busy people as it requires little intervention so how do you get the growing conditions right? Click to get the low down on the best conditions you can provide in your home to keep your Tradescantia happy.

Feed cactus.jpeg
Spring Houseplant Care

Spring is here and it is time to crack open the plant food and give your houseplants a well deserved boost. In the wild these plants would obtain all their nutrients from the soil so pot-bound pots need our help. Click to read how to feed your houseplants to help them thrive.

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