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Plantsmith Anthurium

Read all about Anthurium in my April houseplant of the month for the Plantsmith care and advice blog and get the low down on optimal lighting and temperature conditions, when to feed and water, how to propagate and deal with pests.

Anthurium andreanum is known by many names, flamingo lily, painter’s palette, lacyleaf and flamingo flower to name a few but none seem to really nail the ethereal beauty of this plant. Its other worldly appearance could almost be mistaken for being plastic or a prop off a sci-fi set. Whatever you choose to call it Anthurium are beautiful and have won the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

These evergreen perennial tropical plants are part of the Arum family and have heart-shaped leaves surrounding bright red, white or pink flowers which are actually leaves called ‘spathes’. Colourful spathes attract insects in the wild to pollinate the long yellow central spadix which is made up of lots of tiny flowers.

Anthurium andreanum are epiphytes native to Colombia and Ecuador and in the wild cling to trees. Find out how you can keep Anthurium andreanum thriving in your home.

All photos © Debi Holland 2024

Anthurium andreanum on a shelf near a window
Anthurium andreanum, flamingo lily


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