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For the past fews years I've been putting a lot of effort into pouring over ordnance survey maps walking locally and around the UK. I have been logging all of our hikes and keeping a photographic record of each route and most importantly for me the plants, fungi and wildlife I discover along the way, at the different times of the year. Spending time outdoors has tremendous benefits to our wellbeing. The more time I spend out in the wild, the happier I am. I highly recommend everyone to get outside and go wild!

Me on top of world Lake District


The Lake District is punctuated with disused mines. A historic record of past industry that breathed life in to the local communities but which have subsequently ebbed away. Explore the fells of Coppermine Valley, undulating between copper-coloured bracken, lichen carpeted rocks to barren slate, sat at the base of the Old Man of Coniston.

4. Coppermine.jpeg


In the summer of 2018 I travelled to the French Alps on a family holiday of downhill mountain biking, hiking and plant hunting. From wildflowers to wildlife, fresh mountain air to fungi the Tarentaise valley was teeming with diverse natural treasures. Enjoy a photographic tour of finding fungi on an alpine hike where after years of dreaming, we walked our view!

Finding Fungi, Macrolepiota procera.jpg


Thrilled to be asked to contribute to Ellen Mary's brand new Wellbeing Studio 'People Plants Wellbeing.' Over the years I have fused my love of plants with the outdoors and walking in nature has become an integral part of my life. It’s amazing how invigorating a hit of fresh air and exercise is to get our endorphins pumping. We can all feel like hibernating through winter but stick on the thermals, waterproofs and embrace the elements.

Nature Walks Debi Holland.jpg
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