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I am a writer for national gardening magazines, companies and websites and garden and write with wildlife and the environment at the forefront of my mind. I share the tremendous health benefits to wellbeing in both gardening and nature walks, as well my love of finding plants in their natural habitat whilst out hiking.

This website hosts my gardening diary which is a collection of garden visits, seasonal gardening tips and publication news. 

January 2022 I joined Garden News magazine's What To Do This Week team and write weekly garden advice sharing tips and advice on seasonal tasks and projects focusing on organic wildlife gardening.  From 2019-2022 I wrote a monthly 'Over the Fence' column for Garden News magazine discussing the developments in my own garden and have contributed numerous two and three-page features.

I have written for Richard Jackson Garden since spring 2018 and have over 30 published features on topics ranging from pollinators, medicinal plants and herbs, bulbs, wildflowers and trees for wildlife to garden visits, staycations and reconnecting teenagers with nature.

In 2021 I teamed up with Tanya of Lovely Greens to contribute regular pieces for her incredibly successful organic gardening website, writing about herbs and providing monthly gardening guides for the kitchen garden.


Proud to feature on Ellen Mary's brand new online Wellbeing Studio 'People Plants Wellbeing' discussing the benefits of nature walks to mental health.


I have written pieces for The RHS and featured in Grow Your Own magazine and BBC Countryfile describing my path into horticulture, RHS courses and wildlife gardening.


I have also written many guest blogs, these include Gardening for Disabled Trust, Michael Perry aka PlantGeek and Gardening for Disabled Trusts charity book 'Cuttings.'

And had my photos featured in Jean Vernon's latest book 'Attracting Garden Pollinators'.


Studying the RHS Horticulture Diploma 2015-2016 was life changing for me so if you are interested in progressing your studies read my case study featured on the Bristol Botanic Gardens website.

I was recently interviewed by Horticulture magazine which further looks at my path into horticulture and my love of plants.




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