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Wellbeing Over Winter
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November Garden Tips

Throughout lockdown many of us found solace in our gardens and walking around local woods and countryside. We discovered we felt uplifted after spending time in nature. Our close relationship with the soil, plants, trees and wildlife allowed us to reconnect with nature. Discover some simple outdoor ideas to lift our wellbeing.

As the day's shorten and the weather takes a dive, so can our spirits.  It can be hard to find the motivation to lift morale over the coming months. Our health can be directly influenced by nature and how we interact with it. We maybe heading into winter but there are still plenty of relaxing tasks to do in the garden.  

November has arrived and the mild weather has some plants confused but this is a win win for garden lovers. As the calendar month's defy traditions mother nature brings some unseasonal surprises. The explosion of bonfire hues inspires the imagination and promises new beginnings.

Floral display at RHS Malvern

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