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December Gardening Jobs

Wind rock prune roses

• Wind rock prune roses to prevent stems breaking in stormy / windy weather.

• Clear away any old or dead plant material in borders. Herbaceous perennials have finally died back.

• Keep ponds leaf free. Add a net if necessary.

• Bring hoses indoors (shed or greenhouse) so they do not freeze and split.

• Rake up fallen leaves as these provide ideal winter homes for fungal spores. Break the cycle so fungal diseases are not taken up by plant roots. This also makes the garden look neat. Double bonus!

Rake up fallen leaves

• Be aware Spring bulbs are popping through the soil now so take care not to damage emerging shoots.

• Monitor over-wintering plants under protection i.e. Pelargoniums. Minimal watering required. If over-

watered they are prone to rot. Grey mould caused by Botrytis cinerea fungus is very common whilst over

-wintering in a greenhouse. Do not crowd plants, leave spaces between pots, lower humidity and remove

any decayed material to stop spread of fungal spores.

Reduce watering pelargoniums. Check for grey mould/Botrytis

• Harvest all your last remaining apples. This season's crop seems to have gone on and on. Amazing year!

Harvest any remaining apples

• Prune apple, pear and acer trees from now to February when dormant.

• Plant bare-root roses.

• Add a splash of colour with filling spare pots with winter violas / pansies.

• Bring terracotta pots indoors or wrap to prevent cracking in frost.

• Start planning the spring and summer garden!

• Look through your seed brochures and getting ordering.

• Sit back, relax and enjoy a very happy Christmas! Here's to a fabulous 2018.

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