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Sharpen Your Spades

Richard Chivers GYO blog: Sharpen Your Spades

Honoured to feature in Sharpen Your Spades (a.k.a. Richard Chivers) January top 10 blog highlights with my 'How do I get the most from my sweet peas' article written for Richard Jackson's Garden.

Richard is "passionate about growing fruit and vegetables on our family allotment garden. Sharpen your Spades is a blog to inspire anyone to pull on their wellies and join in the movement to grow their own."

"There’s a fantastic number of allotment, kitchen garden and grow your own bloggers out there. I read as many as I can for inspiration, advice and to find out what everyone is getting up to.

Here are a few of my favourite articles and blog posts from January 2019."

How do I get the most from my sweet peas?

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