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Horti Mile High Club

Wildflowers and wildlife thrive

Honoured to write a guest blog post for Mr Plant Geek a.k.a. Michael Perry, plant obsessed QVC presenter extraordinaire.

'We can find plants wherever we go. Whether it’s underwater, in a forest or even while trekking across a dessert, there’s a likelihood that you’ll spot some form of plant life along the way. But what about up a mountain, where the air is thinner, the temperatures colder, and it seems almost impossible for any living being to call it their home?

Debi Holland is a professional gardener, but when she’s not propagating and pruning, she’s often found photographing plants on her adventures. Here, she talks about mountain biking, and finding plants that have adapted to the harsh conditions of high altitude life.' Michael Perry.

Carpet of wildflowers on the mountainside

I am fascinated by plants living at altitude. Their ability to survive extreme conditions never ceases to fill me with awe and respect.

The past three summers I have spent travelling around the French Alps combining two of my favourite pastimes: mountain biking and plant hunting. Click the link above to accompany me on my alpine journey of incredibly tough plants.

Off road in the French Alps

All photos taken by Debi Holland © 2019

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