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Gardening for Disabled Trust

Phacelia tanacetifolia and cornflowers

Delighted to be asked to write a guest blog for Gardening for Disabled Trust.

Daily life stresses, bereavement, ailments and disabilities all bring their own challenges but whatever your situation an hour or two spent outside can work wonders for morale, reduce anxiety and lift spirits. Green therapy.

Gardening offers a great distraction from everyday life, a few hours spent outdoors can work wonders. It allows us a little breathing space away from issues that may be troubling us, focuses the mind and gives purpose and hope for the future from the anticipation of what will grow.

I share some ideas to help people garden independently in their own homes and keep spirits lifted.

Bee feasting on an allium

Gardening for Disabled Trust is a volunteer run charity based in Kent which aims to help people continue gardening in spite of disability. They allocate grants to enhance client well-being and help with garden adaptations to make gardening possible at home.

Check out their website and see all the wonderful people and projects they have assisted.

All photos by Debi Holland © 2019

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