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More Unusual Planters

Telephone box planter in the City of Bath

Following on from an article I wrote for Richard Jackson's Garden, I have compiled my next instalment of unusual planters that I have found along the way on my travels.

People often ask, can I plant something in that? The answer generally is YES, go for it! Just make sure your planter has drainage holes in the bottom so the plant's roots do not sit in water and rot. Unusual planters offer a bit of amusement and are a good way to introduce some personally relevant objects into your garden or a communal area., keeping gardening light hearted and fun.

Commencing in Llandovery, Wales. Llandovery is close to my heart as many of my relatives live there and it is simply a beautiful historic town surrounded by glorious Welsh countryside.

I stumbled across this hilarious bench where the residents have lost their heads...and their bodies! But perched neatly with legs crossed, they are putting on a fabulous display whilst giving all passersby a shock and an uplifting splash of colour.

Trouser planters at llandovery

Now a few of you may be aware that I am rather obsessed with telephone boxes but this time rather than discovering books hiding behind their heavy doors, the City of Bath has adopted a different approach and have filled the interiors with fabulous blooms cascading through the empty panes, cleverly kitted out with tiered window boxes.

The box really does lend itself to providing an impressive planter.

Ivy cascading from Bath telephnone box

If you have a spare ski lift kicking around and are baffled as to what to do with it, look no further. Kit the lift out with window boxes and it suddenly turns in to a funky planter. And duel venue!

Tignes ski lift planter

Let's make some noise for plants!!! Well you certainly can create a racket with this drum kit planter I found in the book town Hay-on-Wye. Also sporting a few funky welly boots in there too.

Drum kit planter

Whilst on a footwear theme, I spotted these rather well used trainers at Tintern, on the English / Welsh border. The trainers may be passed it but the pelargoniums are flourishing.

As they are in these hiking boots... I'm sure these boots have trod across miles of soil, rather apt then that the soil comes full circle to rest in the boots.

Baths are traditionally associated wth keeping clean but why stick to rules? This one helps you keep dirty! Get soil under your finger nails and enjoy planting up an old bath tub (if you have any lying around) with delicious edibles. This one pictured produced an amazing crop of runner beans. It is a fun way to recycle objects that may otherwise end up in landfill.

Bath tub planter for edibles

And finally, another Welsh entry. A year or so ago we camped at Beddgelert, North Wales, an incredibly beautiful, historic village that enchanted me on many levels; stunning countryside sitting in the backdrop of a dramatic mountain range and a hosting myriad of plants both wild and municipal. Local volunteers pay homage to the area's farming and mining roots with these industrial planters. Click gallery images to enlarge.

If you want to see more unusual planters, check out the article I wrote for Richard Jackson's Garden 'What sort of containers can I grow plants in?' where I explore colanders, tyres, ski boots, bricks, shells, wheelbarrows and vehicles.

Beddgelert bike sculpture planter

See what unusual planters you can find when you are out and about. You will be amazed how diverse they are. In the meantime...I cannot resist just one more telephone box.

Fabulous flora telephone box display

All photos by Debi Holland © 2020.

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