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How to reconnect teenagers with nature

Have a fire and make S'mores

The summer holidays are here but it can feel hard at times to prise teenagers off screens and engage them with the great outdoors. As a Mum of a 14-year-old boy, I try and strike a balance between a good measure of gaming and outdoor adventure to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Go camping

Outdoor activity has tremendous health benefits and can help alleviate teen anxiety, depression, improve mood and confidence. A dose of green therapy lifts serotonin levels, stimulates endorphins, improves mental health and reduces stress.

Get outside!

Here are some ideas to extract young adults out of the virtual world, connect them with the natural wonders of the real world and get the whole family enjoying nature together.

'How to reconnect teenagers with nature' on the Richard Jackson Garden website

Ride a bike in the woods

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