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A Woman's Garden

Thrilled to be holding my own copy of Tanya Anderson's fabulous debut book 'A Woman's Garden Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things' and what a beautiful work of art it is.

Gardeners, crafters, artists and organic enthusiasts alike will revel in this visual treat. Brimming with 35 exquisite projects, Tanya's simple step-by-step guides will show you how you too can create beautiful things from your own garden. Enjoy edible goodies like lavender shortbread, flower frittata, herb embedded pasta and floral ice cubes to jazz up your summer cordial.

Grow healthy herbs and fabulous flowers to make organic skin care products such as her divine handmade natural soaps and salves.

Tanya is the creative force behind Lovely Greens, and a social media sensation. With 85K+ Instagram and 100K+ YouTube followers Tanya is successfully spreading the word about the glorious benefits of growing your own!

A Woman's Garden is divided into eight chapters, the kitchen garden, culinary herbs, edible flowers, plants for skin care, herbal medicine, herbs for the home, natural plant dyes, and the crafty garden, that takes the reader on an inspirational journey through sowing, growing, creating, making, eating and relaxing, with the emphasis on mindful organic gardening for wellbeing, putting all your crops to good use.

The book also introduces us to seven other inspirational female gardeners from around the world who share their passions for growing, each of them having their own specialisms but the common theme and ethos of growing pollinator-friendly and edible plants! We meet:

Deanna Talerico's Californian kitchen garden, specilising in edible crops, medicinal herbs and pollinator-friendly plants.

Jan Billington's Devon pollinator-friendly and edible flower garden.

London's Rekha Mistry shares her culinary herbs and diverse edible crops.

Giovanna Becker, based in Hamburg, Germany shares her love of growing medicinal herbs and edible crops to make salves, tinctures and herbal infusions.

Ashley Thomas lives in North Carolina and loves making homemade skin care, preserves and home cleaners from herbs, edibles and pollinator-friendly flowers.

Teresinha Roberts grows plants in Birmingham to use to dye wool, fibres and fabric.

Melissa J. Will shares her Canadian garden in Ontario where she makes creative garden art and grows plants and flowers for wildlife.

And Tanya takes us on a botanical tour of her own garden and allotment on the Isle of Man where she grows edibles and herbs for her skin care collections which include balms, natural soap, creams and salves.

Tanya also shares a selection of do-it-yourself garden projects which encourages the reader to reduce reuse recycle rather than buy new from a shop. Projects include making a strawberry planter from an old pallet, a herb spiral from bricks and constructing a raised bed.

Her bright friendly personality invites the reader to take an in depth look at their own garden plants and discover the plethora of possibilities they can be used for. She makes creative projects accessible for all and inspires a deeper connection with nature.

'A Woman's Garden' is a wealth of inspiration and wholesome wisdom. Creative low-cost gardening at its best, celebrating women gardeners and their achievements.

If you are buying this as a present for someone, you will find to hard to give away... Available in all good bookshops. Please note some stores are releasing the book on 13 April 2021.

'It's time to reconnect to the power of plants.'

Published by Cool Springs Press on 9 February 2021 | 192 pages | Paperback | £18.99 | ISBN 9780760368404

All photos are c/o of Tanya Anderson © 2021

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Tanya Anderson
Tanya Anderson
Mar 13, 2021

Thanks so much for sharing news of my new book, Debi 💚 I'm so excited for it to finally be out!

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