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Ellen Mary Wellbeing Studio

Thrilled to be asked to contribute to Ellen Mary's new online Wellbeing Studio

Ellen hosts a horticultural radio show on Future Radio plus presents The Plant Based Podcast alongside Plant Geek Michael Perry, appearing and presenting on TV in the UK and USA, she provides gardening talks, loves growing her your own food, and the benefits of plants and nature for wellbeing. She is also a vegan so even eats planted-based. Look out for Ellen's new book about the benefits of gardening published in spring 2021.

I have written a piece for the Nature and Wildlife section of her new studio about nature walks and the therapeutic benefits of gardening and getting outside.

Over the years I have fused my love of plants with the outdoors and walking in nature has become an integral part of my life. It’s amazing how invigorating a hit of fresh air and exercise is to get our endorphins pumping. We can all feel like hibernating through winter but stick on the thermals, waterproofs and embrace the elements.

It’s a guaranteed mood booster.

As soon as I step outside I feel a weight lift. Anxiety ebbs away and my focus is absorbed in the surrounding environment. Whether it is in the garden or a wood, hearing birdsong, seeing wildflowers grow or finding fungi, the experience is tremendously satisfying and relaxing. Look up and bathe in the leafy canopy of trees. Take the time to use all your senses and appreciate the little things around us. Look at the ever changing hues, listen to the crunch under foot of leaves and gentle sound of rainfall, smell the scent of winter blooms, taste wild garlic and feel the texture of rough bark.

Trees emit ‘phytoncides,’ wood essential oils, which have a positive effect on our immune and nervous systems. The more we connect and improve our understanding of how we fit into the natural world, the more harmoniously we can live. We are all part of this amazing ecosystem and our health can be directly influenced by how we interact with it.

Walking in nature gives me time to think, step away from commitments and concentrate on the changing season. It is also a great opportunity to chat through ideas or issues.

Read the full article at Ellen Mary's Wellbeing Studio.

Check out Ellen's studio and peruse the wonderful green community!

© Debi Holland


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