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February Garden Jobs Lovely Greens

Excited to share my next collaboration with Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens.

Read about February garden jobs including seeds to sow, crops to harvest, winter garden organisation, and projects for the vegetable garden.

February is a great month to get ahead in the garden and make your start on this year’s productive vegetable garden. This selection of February garden jobs will help you learn how to choose and chit potatoes, organise your seeds, and discover exciting new projects, which will help you achieve a bumper harvest later in the year. You’ll also find a February garden job check-list at the end of the feature that you can use to help keep organised.

So why garden now? Some seeds have a long germination time and need time undercover to ripen for summer or winter crops. Getting ahead now is tremendously beneficial for successful harvests. February is not a dormant month, nor the time to dawdle. These February garden jobs will set you up for the forthcoming year, so get outside in the fresh air and get gardening.

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