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Garden News Magazine Summer Garden Craft Projects

Very proud to have a two page feature in Garden News magazine - Summer Garden Craft Projects, showcasing many arts and crafts that I do in my spare time.

As our garden’s flourish our creative spirits do too so channel all that energy into some garden craft projects. Providing inspiration for home décor and gifts, these mindful makes will give you a great sense of achievement, whilst helping you relax.

Some projects require specialist materials but many use recycled objects found around the home.

Create your own ceramic dish for jewellery or keys using air-dry modeling clay.

You will need:

- Modelling clay

- Cutting and carving tools

- Roller and rolling mat

- Small shallow bowl

- Cling film

- Fine sandpaper

- Paintbrush

- Acrylic paint

1. Roll out modeling clay 0.5cm thick on mat.

2. Cut out a monstera leaf shape.

3. Cover shallow bowl with cling film to prevent sticking.

4. Mould dish round base of bowl.

5. Leave to dry over night.

6. Gently smooth rough edges with fine sandpaper.

7. Paint dish with acrylic paints. Water resistant once dry.

Alternatively collect leaves from plants, roll them onto clay, peel off leaving veiny leaf impression behind.

Top tip: Use a jam jar as a roller and kitchen knife, spoon and scissors make great carving tools.

Flower Pendant

Make your own bespoke necklace using origami paper, magazines, photos, fabric or dried flowers.

You will need:

- glass tile

- floral paper

- diamond glaze

- superglue

- bail hook

- ribbon / chain

- glue brush

- scissors / craft knife

- cutting board

1. Cut out two paper designs to fit glass tile.

2. Apply diamond glaze to back of tile, stick one design on top. This water-based adhesive

glaze bonds glass to paper. Dries clear.

3. Gently rub back to remove air bubbles whilst wet.

4. Apply diamond glaze to back of paper, spread evenly with glue brush. Allow 2-3 hours

drying time.

5. Stick second floral design to back of pendant, seal with diamond glaze.

6. Superglue bail to top centre of tile.

7. Once dry thread ribbon or chain through bail and proudly wear your creation.

Top tip: Use a pea-sized amount of glue so excess does not ooze out side.

Garden-Themed Bookmark

Create a handmade fabric floral bookmark and never lose your place whilst catching up with Garden News magazine or your favourite gardening book.

You will need:

- Paper

- Ruler

- Scissors

- Pinking shears

- Felt

- Patterned fabric

- Pins, needle and thread

- Sewing machine (optional)

- Button

- Ribbon

1. Measure and cut two paper templates. One 17cm x 5cm, one 16cm x 4cm.

2. Pin large template to felt. Cut out shape using pinking shears, which stop edges fraying.

3. Pin smaller template to patterned fabric. Cut out with scissors.

4. Centralise fabric strip onto felt. Tack with pins.

5. Sew into place by hand or sewing machine.

6. Sew ribbon on to top centre of bookmark.

7. Hand sew button over the ribbon to cover stitches.

Top tip: Recycle scraps of fabric you already have at home.

Paint stones

This is a great project for children but fun for all ages!

You will need:

- Stones

- Acrylic paints

- Sharpie

1. Find or buy smooth stones.

2. Mark out design on stone with a Sharpie.

3. Use acrylic paints to paint your chosen design or label.

4. Highlight edges of words with a Sharpie.

5. Weather-resistant when dry or seal with varnish to waterproof.

Lino printing

Lino printing is the technique of printing marks carved on a block. Carve free hand or trace a photo to produce a relief print. Think in reverse, carved marks remain white and raised surfaces print in colour. Start simple with a black and white mono print.

You will need:

- Softcut vinyl or lino

- Carving tools

- Printing ink, water based or oil

- Roller and inking mat

- Paper

1. Carve design onto lino.

2. Roll out ink on to mat.

3. Evenly roll ink over your lino.

4. Place lino face down on paper.

5. Carefully burnish/rub paper in contact with ink for even coverage.

6. Gently peel paper off lino.

7. Leave masterpiece to dry.

This is an article very close to my heart. Like gardening, art and craft projects can be remarkably relaxing and give us a tremendous sense of achievement. I hope you feel inspired to get creative!

All photos © Debi Holland


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