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How to Plant a Winter Vegetable Garden

Discover how to plant a winter vegetable garden

Read my latest collaboration with Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens. Discover how to plant a winter vegetable garden with crops to harvest throughout the cold season. Read tips on when to sow and plant winter crops, growing both undercover and outdoors, and how to overwintering your vegetables for spring.

Winter often strikes fear in people as they often think gardening stops but that doesn’t have to be the case. As day lengths shorten, soil cools and plant growth slows, but many crops can tough it out. You can actually pick and dig many vegetables throughout the cold months. Plan and plant a winter vegetable garden now, and you can have homegrown food all year long.

See which vegetables are ideal to plant throughout the cold winter months, what a winter vegetable garden looks like, discover tools of the trade which will protect your crops from pest diseases and the elements, read about growing outdoors and indoors, undercover in a greenhouse, cold frames or polytunnels. We talk through starting to sow and grow your winter vegetable garden in spring and summer, growing potatoes for Christmas and of course most importantly harvesting your precious crop and overwintering vegetables for spring as well as offering so inspiration for the coming cooler months ahead. It's a bumper edition!

Read the full extensive article on Tanya's Lovely Greens website:


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