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All About Cleeve Magazine - Plant of the Month - Nemesia

One of the most underrated, hardworking, low maintenance, long-lasting blooms you can plant is Nemesia.

With flower heads like mini snapdragons, the dainty petals exude delicious scent and shower you in a constant cascade of colour from late spring through to autumn, requiring very little attention apart from a weekly water and high potash feed.

Although often treated as an annual, with frost protection they will make it through winter as a short-lived perennial, so do not be too hasty to throw them on the compost heap at the end of season. Pop them in the greenhouse for next year.

These South African compact plants are ideal for containers, window boxes and hanging baskets and love basking in full sun. Ensure the soil is free-draining as Nemesia do not like soggy roots and can be prone to rot. Pop a little vermiculite or perlite in to peat-free compost and stand your pot off the ground to let excess water drain away.

There is an incredibly diverse choice of colour and scents.

N. ‘Sundae Blueberry Ice,’ N. ‘Berries and Cream,’ N. ‘Easter Bonnet,’ N. ‘Lavender Sherbert,’ N. ‘Honey Dark Yellow,’ N. ‘Wisley Vanilla,’ N. ‘Vanilla Ice’ and N. ‘Rhubarb and Custard’ with their bright bi-coloured magenta and orange/yellow hues are some of my personal favourites.

All photos © Debi Holland 2021


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