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All About Cleeve - Plant of the Month June

Rosa 'Ferdinand Pichard'

Roses are the quintessential English garden flower. Idolised by Sissinghurst’s Vita Sackville West, bred for almost 60 years by David Austin and Henry VII’s Tudor Rose symbolising peace became the national flower of England; these cherished blooms attract global attention and rightly so.

Rosa 'Munstead Wood'

Roses can be climbers, ramblers, ground cover, miniature, hybrid tea, floribunda, grandiflora, shrub and modern to name a few. From the heady scent of Munstead Wood to the striking dual colour Ferdinand Pichard, to the prolific sunshine blooms of Graham Thomas and aptly named Generous Gardener. There is a rose to suit every garden colour scheme and location.

Black spot can be the bane of gardener’s lives but resist spraying. Our gardens are delicate ecosystems; chemical sprays kill friendly bugs too. Black spot is absorbed in the soil by plant’s roots so break the cycle! Remove all affect leaves and most importantly pick up those that fall to the ground. Stop the fungus returning to the plant to keep your leaves black spot-free.

Enjoy the glorious rose season, which always leaves us thinking… have I got room for one more?

All photos © Debi Holland 2021


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