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Surprise Fagus Presentation

This week I was delighted by a surprise presentation at Fagus Gardening Club.

After a fascinating evening listening to Mary Payne MBE speak about her 18 years redeveloping and restoring the gardens at Compton Acres, Poole a few members of the club were called up on stage to be awarded a bespoke terracotta pot, embossed with the Fagus logo, for services to the club.

I was honoured to be presented with a pot by Mary Payne and Chair Yvonne Wesbroom for my writing and photography services contributing to Mary Payne's monthly club plant-packed newsletter 'Fagus Times.'

I will treasure this gift and certainly find a special plant to do it justice.

Other Fagus members received recognition. I am pictured alongside former Speaker Secretary who kept us all sane during lockdown and for many years previously with an array of fabulous zoom speakers.

Many thanks all!


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