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Tool Kit - Garden Fork

I have started the new gardening season off with using the National Trust garden fork by Burgon and Ball and what a treat it is. This stylish vintage-looking high-carbon steel garden fork is solid and robust.

I am smitten with the textured powder coating which adorns the fork shaft; from an aesthetics point-of-view it provides a highly attractive antique bronze look, nevermind the practicalities that it actually protects against corrosion.

Weighing 2.43kg it is a little heavier than some other garden forks but the weight gives you the confidence to use on heavy jobs. The socket and tines are forged from a single metal piece which provides optimal strength. I was looking for something durable that could stand the test of transplanting established shrubs without bending the prongs and I found it.

Tested to a breaking strain of 100kg you can rest assured the National Trust garden fork by Burgon and Ball will cope with the toughest of gardening jobs without faltering. You can dig with certainty.

Sporting a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ash shaft and grip with a high-carbon steel D-handle, this fork not just attractive it actually is THE tool for the job. Ideal for clay soils, digging out large shrubs and generally any digging jobs that require a bit of welly!

I have tested this fork for two months and been extremely happy with its performance. I can highly recommend it.

Overall length 100cm, maximum width of fork head 18cm

Handle: FSC certified hardwood

Head: high-carbon steel

Weight: 2.43kg

This garden fork carries a ten year guarantee and is part of the National Trust made by Burgon & Ball collection.

This fork has been kindly gifted to me free of charge by Burgon and Ball.

This is an honest, unbiased appraisal of a tool which is an essential part of my everyday tool kit as a professional gardener.

Photos Debi Holland © 2021


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