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Plantsmith Christmas Crackers

With Christmas on the way it can be a challenge to find an original gift for a plant lover but look no further. Plantsmith have developed some gorgeous gift packs incorporating mini versions of their plant care product range, all contained in the most funky, botanical inspired cracker boxes, which will look as cool as your houseplants on the shelf.

Not only do these crackers look fabulous, with their contemporary designs, they won the garden industry’s Gift of the Year award. Each box contains the perfect duo for houseplant, orchid, and cacti and succulent care to keep all your houseplants in tip top condition and have you set up, ready for the new year. Get ready to go crackers for Plantsmith’s crackers.

Read the full feature on the Plantsmith website 'Christmas Crackers' or carry on reading below.

Houseplant Care Gift Cracker

Plantsmith’s Houseplant Care Gift Cracker contains 100ml bottles of Fortifying Houseplant Feed & Tonic and the Perfecting Houseplant Care Mist. This gift set is a fantastic all rounder and contains 13 essential nutrients including iron, potassium, and magnesium which help leaves stay healthy, glossy and strong as well as encouraging long-lasting flower growth. Plantsmith’s Fortifying Houseplant Feed & Tonic also contains kelp extract which stimulates cell growth. This combination of ingredients deters many common plant pests and helps plants flourish.

Throughout winter houseplants go into a dormancy phase so ease back on feeding until spring, although there are always exceptions to the rules so check your individual plant’s requirements. Most houseplants, apart from cactus, will appreciate an increase in misting. As the outside temperature drops, central heating will be back in action, which really dries out the air; this has an adverse affect on houseplants, so be more vigilant with misting to keep them moist. Increasing humidity around your plants will help them stay healthy over winter.

Plantsmith’s Perfecting Houseplant Care Mist contains 17 essential ingredients. Each spray is designed to promote plant resilience and good health. The smaller bottles are really neat, take up less storage space and are ideal for small plant collections.

Orchid Care Gift Cracker

Calling all orchid lovers! The Orchid Care Gift Cracker includes 100ml bottles of Nurturing Orchid Feed & Tonic and the Invigorating Orchid Care Mist. These bottles are packed with essential nutrients to help orchids thrive. The feed and mist both smell absolutely divine so it is difficult to resist spraying them around for the scent alone.

Both bottles contain a perfectly balanced special formula of 12 nutrients which not only stimulate flowering and promote growth but also put off pests. The pungent aroma of lavender and avocado oils send bugs packing, which is good news and the addition of humic acid will stimulate plant growth, helping leaves grow glossy and strong.

In the wild, orchids get their nutrients from moisture in the air and organic matter that washes down on to their roots but in our homes orchids totally rely on us to keep them well fed and watered. With central heating sucking moisture out of the air, one way to try and recreate their natural environment is to mist.

Through the winter months make sure your plants get enough light, as light levels drop you may need to move your orchid to a brighter area than where they have been sat through summer. Just be mindful of windows as they could actually be cold spots or have draughts; orchids are fans of neither.

Our job as plant parents is to keep them alive and the Plantsmith care duo is on hand to make that job simpler. The bottles are a particularly handy size if you live in an apartment or in student digs where space is limited. These little bottles save on space but do not comprise on quality. The Orchid Care Gift Cracker is a perfect gift for orchid lovers and if you need larger bottles, then go for the Orchid Feed & Mist Gift Set.

Cacti and Succulent Care Gift Cracker

This gorgeous pack of goodness couples together 100ml bottles of Invigorating Cacti & Succulent Feed and the Protecting Bug Control Spray. It can be a common misconception that cacti and succulent do not need any care, they look after themselves right? Well, even the toughest, fuss-free plants needs a little TLC sometimes and like all living things, they need food and water to survive and thrive.

Providing the right balance of nutrients will encourage your treasured houseplants to flower, and keep foliage healthy and strong, which will help protect against pests and diseases.

Indoor plants can really suffer with irritating pests like mealy bugs, scale, white fly and red spider mites but the Plantsmith Protecting Bug Control Spray is like a protective barrier around your plants and makes the environment unpleasant for bugs so reduces the attraction in making your plants their home. It even helps reduce mildew.

Plants that have under gone a pest attack are often weakened and so need a boost to get them fighting back. These dinky bottles are packed with energy-boosting nutrients. Rest-assured all the ingredients are natural and non-toxic so safe to use around children and pets.

All the Plantsmith crackers are produced in eco friendly packaging and 100% vegan and cruelty free. These cool botanical crackers make the perfect gift for plant lovers!

All photos and text © Debi Holland 2022


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