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Plantsmith - Joined the Team

Exciting news! I am immensely proud to have joined the team at Plantsmith. Plantsmith are the creators of an innovative award winning houseplant food and care range which is 100% vegan, formulated from natural ingredients.

Being mindful of sustainability Plantsmith products come in reusable and recyclable packaging. Eco refill bottles are made from a plant-based polymer, sourced from a waste product of sugar cane, plus recycled materials.

Every month I will showcase a houseplant of the month, giving the low down on everything you need to know to keep your plants thriving, followed each month by a care and advice feature on a range of topics from why feed houseplants to plant ailments and how to sort them.

Check out the Plantsmith website and sign up to their newsletter.

Photos Debi Holland © 2022


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