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Gardening for Wellbeing Talk

I was proud to be asked to speak via Zoom to 70 members of Fagus Gardening Club about 'Gardening for Wellbeing' on Monday 21 February 2022.

Gardening for wellbeing is a subject I am very passionate about and is a subject close to my heart. I talk through some simple therapeutic free activities we can all do to improve our wellbeing.

Gardening can significantly benefit our mental health and lift spirits. Spending a couple of hours a week in nature can help reduce anxiety, depression and social isolation, helping us feel more connected.

So how can we use our gardens in different ways to appreciate nature? From mindful gardening and exercises to forest bathing, photography and art, I explore the science behind what makes us feel good and how we can use all our senses to fully appreciate the wonders of nature, plants and wildlife,

'Gardening for Wellbeing' is an upbeat talk to inspire people to get outside and feel good.

If you are interested in booking this talk for your gardening club drop me a line: contact me.

All photos © Debi Holland


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